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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What is Crystal Palace Yarns Doing to Stay Heart Healthy?

Merino 5 Stitch Red color!
We're very excited to have Cathy from Crystal Palace Yarns here with us today. Crystal Palace is one of our many Stitch Red partners and we're very thankful to have them supporting this campaign. Nestled in the rolling hills of California, Crystal Palace is in a breath taking part of our country; allowing the employees to reap the soul soothing effects of nature. Here's a bit about Crystal Palace and their walking yarn enthusiasts!

Why did you choose to get involved with the Stitch Red campaign? What does the Stitch Red campaign/fighting heart disease mean to you?

It seemed to us a very beautiful and worthwhile project: to link our love of needlecrafts with the campaign for woman’s heart health. 

What product have you created for the Stitch Red campaign? What was your inspiration behind it?

Adorable Stitch Red mitts - available online!
We had recently introduced a gorgeous new solid red color to our Merino 5 line, #1012 “Crimson”, originally part of our “team spirit” collection.  When we heard about the campaign, we knew this was the product we wanted to dedicate to Stitch Red.  Merino 5 is a luxuriously soft, machine-washable merino wool that knits up to 5 stitches per inch.  Its stitch gauge, strength and clean stitch definition make it ideal for a variety of projects in both knitting and crochet.  We currently offer five patterns (and more to come!) specifically made in Merino 5 “Crimson” for the Stitch Red campaign, available for free on our web site

List a heart healthy tip and/or recipe you have to share?

Walk every day if you can!  It is excellent for lowering blood pressure, weight control, stress control and promotes overall good health.   Ask co-owner Andy MacEwan of Crystal Palace.  He comes from a long line of walkers.  His mother, who began walking with her mother at the age of 4, just recently celebrated her 100th birthday and still walks around her block in Tucson with her walker every day.

What gets your heart racing?

Flower Hat! 
The stunning natural beauty of Northern California –steep cliffs, the Pacific Ocean, dramatic fogs, gorgeous sunshine and dramatic sunsets, hot springs, wildlife, rolling hills – gets our hearts racing!  Crystal Palace Yarns is so fortunate to be located among all of this.  We take this beauty to heart, and it serves as inspiration for our yarns and patterns. We even have several yarns and color names using some of these natural sites.

We are certainly envious of CPY's beautiful location! Northern California is beautiful! Luckily, we have mountains and plenty of natural beauty in the Reno-Tahoe area. Sometimes all it takes is some fresh air and beautiful scenery to relax our busy minds.

What relaxes you?

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