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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Susquehanna Knitting Company's Beth Newman Shares her Stitch Red Story

We may have 45 big name manufacturers as our partners, but we're especially appreciative to the ten participating local yarn stores around the country! We may be a big online yarn retailer, but we consider ourselves small and local at heart. Just like Susequehanna Knitting Company (based in Silver Spring, MD), Jimmy Beans started with husband-wife team Laura and Doug Zander - their adorable three year old, Huck, joined the team shortly after. We feel a kin to family owned yarn businesses and it's yarns stores like Susquehanna Knitting Company, owned by Beth Newman and her husband (and their two teenage daughters) that we're wildly excited to have involved! Despite being in the midst of growing a brand new yarn shop, Beth Newman and her family couldn't resist helping out the Stitch Red cause. As she mentions in her interview, it seemed like a "no brainer." We hope you enjoy Beth's Stitch Red story!

Why did you choose to get involved with Stitch Red campaign? What does the Stitch Red campaign mean to you?

Beth and her girls on a gorgeous day!
We are a brand new family yarn business and heard about the campaign right after we opened. Even though so many priorities were competing for our attention during our launch, Stitch Red seemed like a “no brainer.” My husband lost his mother to a heart attack when he was just a child. Knowing how much his family’s life changed as a result has always encouraged us both to prioritize eating well and exercising. I will admit, I often fall short unless you consider knitting exercising! However my husband is very committed to exercise in particular and is my example.

What is your LYS doing to support the Stitch Red campaign?

Our business has a significant mobile component and we are scheduled to visit with a lot of new faces this summer.  We have really enjoyed educating people about the campaign. Knitters are so friendly wherever we go, it doesn’t take much to strike up a conversation around the special Stitch Red products, which are beautiful. Our customers have loved the Plymouth Eros and Encore red yarns! We are really looking forward to hosting some Tuesday night knit-a-longs from the book when it releases next month (June 5th!)

What's a heart healthy tip/recipe you would like to share?

With two busy teenage daughters and the business to take care of, when it gets hot out who wants to come home and stand over the stove? Summer salads are our go-to meal, especially on weeknights starting at this time of year. My favorite mix is spring greens with red onion, fennel and shaved parmesan. Have you noticed if you slice a fennel bulb crosswise it’s shaped like a heart? (We didn't know, but now we're going to investigate!) We top our salads with a few ounces of lean steak, chicken or tuna and dress it with a quick lemon juice/olive oil/garlic vinaigrette for a total meal.

Who can resist a pink cruiser full of yarn? We can't!
What gets your heart racing?

My husband bought me a beautiful pink cruiser bicycle last year as a birthday present. I bring knitting with me wherever I go so he made sure to include a large basket on the front. Our family enjoys riding together, and I especially love rail trails for the wonderful scenery.  Reacquainting myself with the fun of bicycling has reminded me that exercise does not have to be a chore, nor does it have to be repetitive and competitive. Find something you enjoy that gets you moving and get out there!

Thank you for sharing, Beth! The Newman's enjoy riding bikes, what gets you out and about?

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