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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Village Knitter and Racing Hearts

The Stitch Red campaign could not be successful without the help of all our participating local yarn stores across the country. Some of our strongest supporters are Kathleen and Ann from The Village Knitter, an LYS in Babylon, New York. They've been offering free blood pressure screenings and meditation exercises at their educational Stitch Red events in addition to a range of fabulous Stitch Red products.

When asked why they got involved in the campaign, these wonderful ladies had this to say:

"Many of our customers have been affected by heart disease  in their lives. This is an important issue and your campaign was a great opportunity for our shop to give back to the community."

Recently Kathleen and Ann asked their customers to share what gets their hearts racing. Here are the answers they got:

"New sock yarn!" -Karin C.  
"When Stephen West is in the States." -Karen H.
"Getting new bras that fit perfectly and are actually sexy!" -LuLu
"Lacey Shawls" -Angela
"Making a decision. Anything purple, then thinking about every color combination, mulling it over and then buying the purple." -Erica K.
"Being the first customer to look in the box of newly delivered yarn." -Gail Z.
"Finding the right size needle, free and ready to go, when I want to cast on for a project!" -Katy K. 

Thanks for the input, ladies. :-)

We love when our hearts race (in the GOOD way). What gets your heart racing?

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