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Monday, March 23, 2015

Sew Red Mystery Sew-Red-Along Revival Block 7!!!!!

Let Your Heart Live Green
Sew-Red-a-Long Revival Block 7!!!!!

This is a block of optimism.  It represents the result of decisions to live more greenly, to eat a more healthy diet, to let go of stress, to work to prevent or repair heart damage, to pay attention to our health and our quality of life.  The floating hearts with wings of leaves are meant to represent the lighter load our hearts carry if we live in a healthier manner.

Pattern Instructions

Cut a 121/2  “ square for the background fabric.  I used scrap fabrics for the hearts and leaves, but you could make the hearts the same and the leaves the same and use two 10” squares. You will also need fusing, I use the lightest available as its easiest to stitch through, but you can use your favorite.

In order to obtain the patterns for the fusing from the template, first enlarge the template 130%.  The pattern must then be reversed.  I do this by taping the printed page to a window,  printed side to the glass, and then tracing the patterns onto the fusible paper side.  (If your copy is not dark enough you may need to go over it with a sharpie first.)  Cut these tracings out leaving a small margin around each piece, and being sure to number each one.

Iron these pieces onto the wrong side of your fabric and cut out on the design lines.  To obtain a placement pattern, trace the original enlarged template onto wax paper.  Place this over your background fabric.  Position your pieces, remove the background paper from the fusing, reposition  the pieces and iron them in place.  These can now be stitched into place using whatever thread, stitch, and method you prefer.  I used a small machine zig zag stitch. 

~Happy Sewing!!! Theresa, Maryla, and Olivia