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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kirstin from Muench shares her Stitch Red story

Kirstin Muench has been a part of the Jimmy Beans extended family since the very beginning. Without her support Jimmy Beans may not have taken flight like it has in the past ten years. Kirstin is the owner of Muench Yarns and a close friend of Laura's (aka Jimmy). It's no surprise Kirstin is a partner in our Stitch Red campaign - supporting Jimmy Beans and Stitch Red through thick and thin. We <3 her! She graciously agreed to do a guest blog for us, so we hope you enjoy her Stitch Red Story!

Why did you chose to get involved in the Stitch Red campaign? What does the Stitch Red campaign/fighting heart disease mean to you?

I have been very close to Laura since she had her beautiful baby boy, Huck, and we talk "mom" talk a lot.  Her concept of Stitch Red came up years ago and I found it an important subject to bring to light. So many of us are touched by cancer and it really gets a fair amount of time in the spotlight, does it not? The numbers are staggering; women die of heart disease more often than all other cancers combined. I am still blown away by that, even as I sit here and type!

What product have you created for the Stitch Red campaign? What was your inspiration behind it?

It has been under our noses the whole time...Touch Me, our bestselling yarn since 1991, in the most beautiful shade of red you can imagine! The inspiration for choosing this yarn is two fold. One, how can it not be the most passionate of yarns? Perfect for saying you care with a soft, slinky feel and gorgeous finished product. It makes you feel as though you're wrapped in velvet! Secondly, it is one of our most expensive yarns, making our donation of profits to The Heart Truth that much more - a win-win! 

What's a heart healthy tip and/or recipe you have to share?

What a bounty of fresh veggies!
Love with all your heart, that way you use the muscle often! No really, nowadays there are so many ways to seek information regarding healthy lifestyles, just know you can do it! My father, Volker Muench (one of the founders of Muench Yarns), died of a massive heart attack on August 29, 2011 while visiting Russia. I learned so much from my father, including how not to take care of your heart, so I am learning by his mistake, perhaps the greatest legacy he left behind. I have lost 20 pounds since then, there is more to go, but I take it in super small, manageable steps. If I can do it, you can too! I work out two times a week at the gym, which I never thought I would have time for, but it's 30 minutes each time - very doable! Also, I have been reading nutrient info on the internet and am proud to say when I go to the grocery store nowadays the vegetable isle is the first place I go to. The balance is just that, the balance...

What gets your heart racing?

Running after my six year old son, George! He and his father just gave me a new bicycle for Mother's Day and we ride around the neighborhood like crazy. George and I also love to garden and we spend at least one hour outside every day working in the yard! George loves to eat right out of our garden every day after school and this is what gets my heart racing; teaching the next generation how to eat right and learn to care for other things with respect. 

Meet George, he loves his veggies! Priceless!

Thank you so much for sharing, Kirstin!

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  1. Kirstin, you have inspired me to join you, my grandmother died of a heart attack and my dad has had 5, the last one they gave him last rites. I am with you on this one lady!