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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Stitch Red Mystery Sew-Red-a-Long Revival!!! Block 6!!!

Stitch Red for February Heart Month
New Mystery Sew-A-Long
Block 6

February is Heart Month, and Stitch Red is thrilled to bring you the final series in our Mystery Sew-Red-A-Long.  Our talented quilt designer, Theresa Harrison, has thoughtfully created six final patterns just for Stitch Red and this series.  We think her designs are gorgeous!  Theresa was inspired to share this with Stitch Red and designed the finished quilt to donate to someone who suffers from heart health issues or someone who has a deserving spirit. 

So grab your quilting supplies, your fabric stash, and join us as we work up Theresa Harrisons first STUNNING block for the Mystery Sew-Red-A-Long. 

Theresa named this block Circle of Life (with interruptions).  She was inspired by playing with curves and interfering with the intersections.  So many times in life our plans are interrupted or directed in a path tangential to what we planned.  She has creatively interpreted this by having fabrics that meet, but not line up perfectly.  After all, we take many unplanned journeys in our lives, but continue nonetheless.

Circle of Life (Interrupted) - Block 1
Pattern Instructions

You will need four 10 squares of assorted fabrics or equivalent pieces.

Using the templates provided, cut four of each piece.  Cut on the dotted lines, and sew on the solid ones.

Sew A to B and press toward the center (A).  Add  C to B and again press toward center.  Add D to C matching the dots to line up the pieces.  Again, press towards the  center.  Repeat this process for each of the three remaining small blocks.  Trim each to 61/4 square.

Sew two of the blocks together putting the As together at the center (the fabrics will not match up).  Likewise sew the other two blocks together, then the two half blocks together forming the whole. Press and trim to approximately 12 square.

The fabrics intentionally are somewhat disconnected, yet still flow; indicating the detours and interruptions that happen in our lives.

We cant wait to hear about your progress on this quilt.  Please share photos with us on Facebook!!!

~Theresa, Maryla, & Olivia