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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stitch Red at TNNA!

For those of you who haven't heard, TNNA was a huge success for Stitch Red! Laura couldn't have been more thrilled with all the appreciative vendors, manufacturers, and the entire needle-arts community. So, on her behalf, we would like to thank everything who follows and supports this campaign - it really is making a difference and we're very grateful that Stitch Red (and Knit Red) have taken off like they have.

Laura and Terry were all smiles upon returning on Monday, so here's a brief recap of the weekend's festivities...

Stitch Red Gift Baskets at TNNA
The Stitch Red Gift Baskets were a huge success and helped us to raise almost $1,500 for The Heart Truth in support of heart health awareness and education. Tickets were raffled off from Friday through Sunday afternoon and winners were chosen before the Knit Red book signing. The lucky winners received two bottles of heart-healthy red wine from Michael David Winery and various Stitch Red products. From hanks of Swans Island in Winterberry to copies of Knit Red  and hat pattern kits, these gift baskets were quite the jackpot!

What really struck Laura and Terry as they reconnected with some of our vendors and Stitch Red supporters was how appreciative they were to Laura and the Stitch Red campaign. Even after all the goodies Laura learned about and the classes Terry took, they both raved about the overwhelming number of people who are aware of Stitch Red. Humbled and grateful for the support, we have faith that this campaign will bring courage and inspiration to women everywhere.

Beth Casey of Lorna's Laces - Pretty and smart!
The needle-arts industry is a warm, welcoming community full of creative, friendly people who have a passion for fibers and fashion. Terry got to experience TNNA for the first time last weekend and left feeling more inspired and in awe of the needle-arts community than ever before! She even got to hang out with Beth Casey of Lorna's Laces who was floored to see her billboard in front of the convention center in Columbus, Ohio!

The best part about TNNA (besides all the wonderful people) was that Knit Red was the #1 book sold through Unicorn Books! We've now sold over 3,000 copies total and we can't wipe these smiles off our faces! On Sunday about 95 people lined up to have Laura sign their copies of Knit Red

While Laura was wandering the show and mingling with the big names in the yarn industry, she had a few people share their promises for the Heart Health Promise Challenge. Here's what some people are promising to do:

Barry Klein of Trendsetter Yarns promised to keep doing Zumba! He really got into it and has found a form of exercise he truly enjoys!

Linda from Blue Sky Alpacas promises not to react too much when things happen. Hopefully taking a step back will reduce her stress level!

Michele Lee Bernstein wants to work at a standing desk because sitting can increase heart disease. We didn't know how sitting can impact our hearts, but now that we do Laura might need to install a few more standing desks to keep our tickers strong!

To all our partners, supporters, and the friendly faces at TNNA - thank you, thank you, thank YOU! Without all of your support we wouldn't be here today!

Just because TNNA is over, does not mean that the Heart Health Promise Challenge is over. Visit us on Facebook, leave us a tweet on Twitter, or a comment right here with your promise to stay heart-healthy! 

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