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Friday, June 22, 2012

Jimmy's Heart Health Promise Challenge!

We have a challenge for you and it starts at TNNA!

As you know, Jimmy won't have a booth at TNNA, but she will be wandering around the show; meeting people, scoping out the products, and (hopefully) meeting a few of our Stitch Red supporters and followers!

Stitch Red has started a Heart Health Promise Challenge! One post on our Stitch Red Facebook, Twitter, or right here at this blog can help save a life. If you're going to TNNA, look for Laura Zander and share your promise with her (she'll be expecting to hear from you)! Our goal, for starters, is to collect 500 promises and inspire heart-healthy living in as many people as possible!

Oh, and don't forget to keep your eyes out for the Stitch Red Gift Baskets with wine from Michael David Winery while you're at TNNA! 

To kick off this challenge, here's Laura's heart-healthy promise:

"I promise to eat one piece of fruit per day."

Sort of like a real-life game of "Where's Waldo", find Laura at TNNA and share your promise with her! She loves nothing more than hearing from YOU!

Here's what Jimmy Beans Wool is promising:

"I promise to be outside, moving for 40 minutes five days a week" -Amanda

"I'm going to keep walking to and from work every day!" -Erika

"I promise to eat dessert once a week instead of every night." -Nicole

"I will add four blocks to my nightly walk." -Jenn

"I promise to snack healthy." -Cherie

"I will bike to work three times a week...until it gets too cold." -Rachel

"I promise to work out six days a week!" -Courtney

"I am going to drink more water everyday." -Allie

"I'm with Nicole, I have an ice cream problem. So I promise to have ice cream once a week instead of every day." -Amanda S.

"I promise to work out three times a week." -Autumn

"I promise to be more consistent in eating healthy." -Terry

"I promise to get my husband to move the TV and VCR into our bedroom so I can do my stretching video 3-4 times a week." -Sandy

"I promise to exercise 200 minutes per week and drink 64 ounces of water per day." -Lianna

"I will maintain positive affirmations while working out." -Piet

"I'm gong to keep eating my oats!" -Chris

And as for me, I promise to get my recommended servings of milk and veggies in daily! -Casey

What will YOU do to stay heart-healthy?

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