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Monday, June 25, 2012

Lindsey Jacobellis Shares her Stitch Red Story...and a Knit Red Giveaway!

We're excited to have Lindsey Jacobellis, from the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team, here to blog about her contribution to Knit Red! There will be a Knit Red giveaway, so take a look!

Lindsey Jacobellis
Earlier, this year, I had a great opportunity come my way that includes my passion for knitting. I have been involved in raising money for breast cancer research for many years since my mom is a survivor. Now, I am also involved in raising awareness about heart disease in women for the Stitch Red campaign.

The owner of Jimmy Beans Wool, Laura Zander, started the Stitch Red campaign and since then Jimmy Beans Wool has become one of my wonderful sponsors - up there with Red Heart® yarns who was an early supporter of the campaign.

Lindsey's Snowboarder Hat!
The goal of Stitch Red is to get women to be more heart-healthy and recognize the signs of heart disease before it's too late. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the U.S. and the knitting and crocheting industry's have truly embraced this effort to spread awareness. Many designers and yarn manufacturers have created unique Stitch Red products to support heart health awareness. From the profits of these Stitch Red designated products, a percentage of the profits will go to the Foundation for the National Institutes for Health in support of The Heart Truth.

In addition, as a part of the Stitch Red campaign, a series of books will be published to help support the campaign among the needlearts industry. The first book, which you all know, is Knit Red and I am featured in it! Along with 30 other beautifully knitted garments and accessories all in red!


All of the designs are beautiful and it is awesome to be a part of such a great book with talented designers from the knitting industry. I designed a super-cute snowboarder's hat that is perfect on and off the slopes! The book also contains heart healthy tips from each of the designers and tasty recipes that are also good for your  heart.

For a chance to win a copy of Knit Red, please leave a comment about what YOU do to stay heart-healthy. A winner will be randomly selected and announced in the blog post on Friday, June 29th! Please leave your comment by Thursday, 6/28 at 11pm PST.

I am so excited and happy to be a part of this campaign and cannot wait for everyone to get the book and see how gorgeous it is!



  1. I am trying to incorporate more exercise into my life. This weekend, my husband and I biked part of the Katy trail here in Missouri - we picked a shady area since it was over 90 degrees!

  2. I try and walk several times a week. I "dropped out" for a few weeks because of other commitments, but started up again today.

  3. I am trying to walk more and eating more "heart" healthy foods.

  4. I play two tennis leagues - during the week and on Sundays. I am also trying to eat less sweets and more vegetables. Love you Knit Redproject. Well done Jimmy Beans Wool!!

  5. I'm working on making better food choices.

  6. I am trying to get more heart healthy by biking! I walk every morning but the doc said it was not enough so I have been hitting the bike path too! Beautiful weather and fresh air. Gets my heart pumping:)

  7. I am doing yoga and I walk every night for about 1/2 hour with my husband.
    I also drink water to keep hydrated and take the correct vitamins and minerals to promote heart health.

  8. I'm vegan so lots of fruits and veggies. Also lots of water and vitamins and supplements. Plus, fruit and veggie drinks everyday with my Vitamix. (And knitting to keep me calm!)

  9. I have cut out almost all red meat and sugars and I exercise regularly! Heart disease runs in my family so I'm trying all I can to cut my chances.

  10. I walk my dogs several times a week and enjoy pilates. I also try to cook with different vegetables and grow so of my own.

  11. I have high blood pressure and angina due to having petite coronary arteries. I have reduced salt in my diet, lost weight and quit smoking. Now I'm trying to increase my activity level so I can begin an exercise program.

  12. Having a family history of heart disease, I walk 3 miles most days, do yoga, and knit!

    1. Hi Geknitics! I just wanted to congratulate you on winning a copy of Knit Red! To claim your prize please send me an email at casey@jimmybeanswool.com. :)