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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bellsister Susan Signs on to Share her Stitch Red Story!

Originally known to everyone at Jimmy Beans Wool as the Bellsisters, we've gotten to know them individually as they continue to contribute to our Stitch Red campaign. And let me tell you, they are an absolute joy to work with! Debbie, part of this crafty duo, shared her Stitch Red story on Tuesday (and if you haven't read it, I suggest you do!) Today we get to hear from Susan! I hope you enjoy...

Susan (right) and Debbie (left)
Why did you choose to get involved with the Stitch Red campaign?

As a physical therapist by day, I have experienced first-hand with my patients how women neglect themselves in favor of caring for others, and especially how women will not seek emergency care for heart symptoms until much later than men do. Plus, heart disease runs rampant on both sides of my family and my sister suffered an unusual form of heart attack - a Tako-Tsubo Syndrome at the age of 54, despite having good cholesterol numbers and no evidence of heart disease! This form of heart attack is often called the "Stress Heart Attack" as it is often brought on by extreme stress. Through that experience I learned about the many forms of heart attacks that can affect women more than men, and until recently, have gone unreported and/or undiagnosed.

 What is your Stitch Red product? 

Susan's Cloche Enough Hat!
Even though my Cloche Enough Hat pattern wasn't originally designed for the Stitch Red campaign, I had chosen to dedicate it to this mission. It was originally designed as a flattering, stylish hat for women undergoing chemotherapy treatment. My niece (Debbie's daughter), who is an oncology nurse, had the pleasure of handing out my Cloche Enough Hats to special patients and ALWAYS got remarkable comments back. Every woman loved how it felt, how it fit and how feminine it helped them feel. Handwritten notes of thanks were common. It just was, and is, a huge success, so I wanted to spread the love to the Jimmy Beans Wool Stitch Red campaign!

 Do you have a heart healthy tip to share? 

I believe keeping in mind the mind/body connection in life is important to keeping your heart full and healthy. Besides eating "right", it's important to enjoy the food! A glass of red wine and a small piece of dark chocolate in moderation help the heart as well as the mind and soul, but in addition one needs to find and do the things that make your heart happy and expansive.

One of my favorite heart-healthy snacks is to dry roast some pumpkin seeds in a saute pan until toasted, then very lightly spray with non-stick cooking spray and lightly salt to taste! Delicious and incredibly good for you! Yum!

What gets your heart racing?

Heart-healthy wine and dark chocolate!
My heart is happiest when I'm either knitting, riding my bike, swimming, eating dark chocolate, drinking fine wine or working in my chosen profession as a physical therapist, especially treating infants and children. Knitting-wise, it is always a major rush to create a pattern and then see it get published, but the happiest times are when people actually knit it up and I can see others' creations and versions! My knitting partner and sister, Debbie (Bellsisterdebbie on Ravelry.com) and I have a stated mission when designing together: "have fun!" and mostly we succeed! That also keeps our hearts full and racing!  

Thank you for sharing, Susan! We just love the hats that come through our doors from Debbie and Susan - so cute and soft, we understand why people go wild for their designs!

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