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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sew Red Blog Tour - Ty Pennington!

You probably know Ty from his successful shows, Extreme Makeover Home Edition and before that, Trading Spaces - some of our favorites, for sure!  A home improvement whiz, Ty was inspired to get into fabric design by traveling around the country and getting to know even the smallest corners of our great nation, along with the people who live there.  His fabric collection, Impressions, was a direct result of these travels and the amazing people he got to meet along the way.  In his guest post below, Ty tells us what led him to get involved with the Stitch Red campaign.  Thanks, Ty!

Also, check out the beautiful Westminster Backpack Ty designed for the new Sew Red book!

~ Heather

My colleagues at Westminster Fibers are big supporters of projects like this, anything for a good cause, and I feel the same way. So being a part of the Sew Red Blog Tour was a no brainer.

Every October when I go to the Quilter's Show in Houston, creative people come by my booth and show me the cool things they make with my fabric. I’m always impressed with their creations, so this was my chance to come up with something unique for a great cause.

On EMHE (Extreme Makeover Home Edition) we built a house for the Grinnan family in Redlands, CA.  Their daughter Hannah had undergone a heart transplant.  It was an amazing experience to meet Hannah, and learn more about her condition and her inspiring spirit. 

- Ty

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