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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sew Red Blog Tour - Amy Butler

Amy Butler is one of our favorite stars - she designs patterns, fabrics, yarn, and more!  This gal does it all.  Below, she gives us a sneak peek of her design for Sew Red, the Drawstring Dress, made up in her new Alchemy fabric, and answers a few questions for the Sew Red Blog Tour.  Thanks, Amy!


1.  Why did you choose to participate in Sew Red?
I decided to participate in the Sew Red project because it's such an important cause to bring awareness to. I don't think there are many people who in some way have not been affected by heart disease. I've certainly been affected by it in my family. The good news to share is that we have the power to prevent the disease from growing by educating each other on the preventative things we can do to maximize our heart health and live a full and fabulous life! I think it's so neat that all of us in Sew Red our sharing our heart felt passion for sewing and creating and using our gifts for more good. What a wonderful way to give back and be a part of something that's all about love, health and healing. 

2.     What design did you contribute and was there any inspiration for it? Tell us about your creation!
I contributed a brand new dress design that I'd been working on for a couple of years. I made my initial prototype for the launch of my first voile fabric collection and ended up using the pattern for not only my voile launch but also for my follow up Lark quilting cotton release. I love using my various weights of fabrics for many different kinds of sewing projects to show the versatility and inspire sewists to play and create their own uses and interpretations of my projects with my various materials. When Laura and Casey approached me about Sew Red I was in the process of completing the dress pattern. How cool that it found it's perfect home in this book! I have several photos of my dress XXX here made up in my brand new Alchemy Studio Rayon fabric. The two work so beautifully together! 

3.     What did you enjoy the most about participating in Sew Red?
I loved connecting with everyone on the Sew Red team!  Casey and Laura are amazing to work with. the process was effortless and fun! I am a big believer that when you connect with something that gives back you are bringing your best self (and everyone else is too) to the table. There's only room for love and joy. It was a real honor to be invited to take part and selfishly... it feels pretty darn good to have a chance to do good. Thank you everyone on Team Sew Red! You Sew Rock!!

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