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Friday, October 12, 2012

Rolling Out the Red Needles at Stitches East!

As you all know Kristen, Sandy, Rachel, and Jeanne are in Hartford, CT at Stitches East this weekend. On their first night working the show, the wonderful folks of Kollage Yarns hand-delivered a new Stitch Red product (one we've been really, really, REALLY excited for!). Without further ado, we welcome the Stitch Red Kollage Square Needles to the campaign! Here's a photo of Sandy knitting a Mini Red Dress with a pair of the new square needles! 

Sandy (right), the amazing Kollage crew and Benjamin from XRX!

I must warn you, these pretty needles aren't yet available for sale (unless you're attending Stitches East), so stay tuned! They'll be added into our system soon enough! In other news, we welcomed another Stitch Red surprise to our Stitches East line-up. Drum roll, please! The Stitch Red Denise2Go set was especially designed for Stitches East. If you're around the show, I highly suggest you stop by and take a look at these adorable red sets and grab one while you can! These are a Stitches East one-time deal, but don't worry! We have a Halloween inspired set for everyone to have the chance to purchase in just a few days! 

Denise2Go Stitch Red Sets - aren't they adorable?!
Stayed tuned for more Stitches East updates! 

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