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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Club Red

Every so often we hear from a local yarn shop who caught wind of Stitch Red and was moved to start taking a stand against heart disease. What's even more exciting is when these lys' send us emails with pictures! I'm sure you all know this already, but we love show and tell - really!

Club Red!
On Monday I heard from Lesley who owns Wool & Co. in St. Charles, IL. She sent me a sweet little note about her knitting group and they don't just knit! These ladies are part of Club Red and they meet every week for some yoga or a brisk walk followed by some Knit Red knitting and healthy snacks! I don't know about you, but when I have a huge goal ahead of me (like running my first marathon!) I need a support system - a group of people aiming for the same goal. The camaraderie is what gets me through long runs and keeps me motivated. Now, I'm not saying everyone should go out and run a marathon. No way. I do think what Lesley and her knitting yogi's have is truly special and key in the battle against heart disease.

Lesley ordered copies of Knit Red for her store and as she flipped through the pattern pages she couldn't help but love so many of the designs. With so many of the projects going straight into her knitting queue she thought it would be fun to start a club - Club Red. Together they would work their way through the book while inspiring heart-healthy change!

The first meeting had great promise! Fourteen ladies showed up ready to pledge to some lofty knitting and general health goals. For the next six months Club Red will work through projects and listen to motivational guest speakers. The group includes one woman who just underwent open heart surgery and someone who has lost 80 pounds (you go girl!). The main goal is to take baby steps towards eating healthier and moving more. Take a look at what they've been working on...

This looks like Tanis Gray's Lace Infinity Scarf...

The mini dress! We just love the sequins! 

Is that Ysolda's Slip Stitch Beret?
Still full of positive energy, these ladies are stitching (and walking!) for heart health! I highly suggest joining Club Red if you're in the St. Charles, IL area - it looks like a fun group and it never hurts to start fighting back against the #1 killer of women!

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