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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy National Health Education Week!

With so much talk about the Presidential election, we're relieved to know that this week is one in which we don't have to be up on all the hot button issues (now that they debate is over). This week, October 15th through the 19th, marks National Health Education Week (NHEW), so let's brush up on public health issues- and heart-healthy awareness in the younger generations. Since 1995 NHEW has been celebrated to help focus national attention on major public health issues, like heart health. This year's theme was inspired by the youth our our country: "Adolescent Health: Planting Seeds for a Healthier Generation." With doubled obesity rates in people 12-19, it's important that people of all ages are educated on the risk factors of heart disease.

To play our part in NHEW, we found this cute little quiz in Glamour's Health & Diet section - quiz your knowledge about heart health with eleven questions and answers! We're sure you know more than you think! If something surprises you - for example, the percent at which the risk of heart disease drops if you stop smoking (it's amazing!) - let us know in a comment. We'd love to share all of your feedback with others!

What will YOU do to spread heart health awareness this week? 

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