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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Steps - Challenge Accepted!

Teams are made, captains are picked and team names are set- let the Steps Challenge begin! This friendly competition has all of our beans counting steps on a daily basis and making it a point to walk as much as they can in a day. Our heart pedometers are being put to good use!

We're only on our first week, but the competition is heating up. The rules are simple enough:

1. Get a pedometer (any will do!)
2. All steps must be tracked and cannot be estimated
3. You can count any step, inside or outside of work (this is where the Jimmy Beans Wool runners rack up their steps!)

We'd love to have all of YOU participate with us. Maybe you already have a pedometer, but if not we have adorable heart shaped ones that we sell (all our girls are wearing one!). Once you have a pedometer, start walking! Share your steps with us here or on our Facebook and at the end of every week we will declare a winner walking for heart health!

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