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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heart-Healthy Inspiration from Olympic Athletes

With 20 Team USA medals and counting, we can't help but to be inspired by the Olympic athletes! We're shamelessly keeping ourselves updated hourly- we tried avoiding any internet spoilers at first, but we can't fight it any longer. With all the coverage we're learning more and more about our favorite athletes that we didn't know before.

Dana Vollmer
Take Dana Vollmer, a star swimmer for Team USA, for instance. At 15 Dana was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome, a cardiac electrical disorder. At any point Dana's heart could sporadically speed up causing a vast array of scary heart issues. In 2003 Dana competed in the USA National Championships in Indianapolis. Her mother was anxiously sitting in the stands with a defibrillator between in her legs in case anything went wrong while Dana swam.

In 2000, during Dana's first U.S. Olympic trials (she was the youngest to compete!) she began experiencing dizziness. Like most, she attributed this to dehydration or low-blood sugar. Dana's parents took her to see a cardiologist just to make sure. Finding out that Dana had Long QT Syndrome was worrisome; she suddenly had to think about her life without swimming. The Vollmer family was shocked to hear this diagnosis.

"Swimming at an elite level, you'd think she would have the healthiest heart in the world," Cathy (Dana's mom) said.  We tend to think the same thing. Luckily, Dana was diagnosed early- many people don't know they have Long QT Syndrome until they go into cardiac arrest.
As is true with many heart-related illnesses, symptoms can be easily discounted. It's crucial to pay attention to what your body tells you.

Now, nine years later, Dana is 24 and swimming as strong as ever! London 2012 is Dana's second Olympics and she's been cleared of any heart condition that might have gotten in the way of her dream. Her dedication to swimming is absolutely inspiring!

For the full article from Jaimie Dalessio, visit everyday health

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