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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A No Bull Review of Knit Red from Go Knit In Your Hat

In all our nightly blog surfing- we're shamelessly blog hungry!- we stumbled upon a wonderful review of Knit Red from Go Knit in Your Hat (AKA Carol, you might know of her from her "Candy Girl" tank in Koigu 3 or the writer behind the history of circular needles in Vogue Knitting). Her blog isn't just about knitting and crocheting, she even has a few sewing projects queued up for those of us learning to sew (which just so happens to be quite a few of us)! Let's just say, this blog is the perfect mix of all our favorite crafts! Witty, frank, and oh-so crafty, Go Knit In Your Hat is definitely a blog you want to add to your blog roll- just another crafter bringing words to the art!

We're a "no bull" sort of group here at Jimmy Beans Wool and we love that Go Knit In Your Hat laid it all out there in her Knit Red review. If you've been a little skeptical about Knit Red, hemming and hawing over the benefits of buying yet another pattern book, this post will surely sway you to add just one more design book to your collection (there is never such a thing as too many books)! Reading her post was like browsing the book selection at Barnes and Noble- without sifting through the decorated book covers looking for names that stick out among all the well-known designers. Just as we would leaf through the glossy pages of a potential winner, Carol does a digital flip through of Knit Red, bringing to light all the designs that caught her eye- and that might catch yours, too! Knitter's are very diverse in the designs they like; some like simple, yet classic knits for more regular wear, some like beads and cables and lace (oh my!), while others like embellished pieces that stand out among the rest. Well, Knit Red has it all! We truly enjoyed perusing Knit Red (a book we've looked through many a time!) with Carol's fresh eyes. If you're wondering just what you can find inside this wonderful book, Go Knit In Your Hat includes a breakdown of all 31 patterns (don't forget the mini-red dress)- perfect for those who like to see the numbers! If you've been hung up on any reservations (which we hope you're not!), this blog post will clear the air and bring you a wonderful preview of a delectable book.

We especially love how she brought attention to the personal designer stories that accompany each design. These profiles are the heart and soul of this book, they remind us just how many lives have been touched by heart disease. Our main goal- aside from providing you with a pretty book of patterns from the industries shining stars- was to bring awareness to the needle-arts community through stories, heart-healthy recipes and tips (all of which you'll find throughout Knit Red). After reading Go Knit In Your Hat's blog post, we feel confident that we've done just that!

We encourage everyone to share their Stitch Red stories because we feel that starting a conversation is one of the best ways to spark change and bring awareness. That said, I strongly encourage YOU to visit this blog post and read Carol's Stitch Red story. She has seen the effects of this silent killer firsthand with many members of her family, so she's proud to recommend Knit Red! P.S., all copies we sell are signed by Laura Zander herself! 

What caught YOUR eye from Knit Red?

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