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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lindabelinda Talks Heart Health and Creative Design

This week we interviewed Dr. Linda Ruggiero, of Lindabelinda Ceramics. As an independent designer who has pledged to donate 100% of gross profits from the sale of her Stitch Red buttons, we wanted to know what her thoughts were on the Stitch Red campaign, heart health and her commitment to the cause. Check out her heart-warming answers below.

Why did you choose to get involved with the Stitch Red campaign?
"I am a huge advocate for promoting awareness through craft. I support several initiatives in this way, and when I learned about the Stitch Red Campaign, I was immediately on board. Having grown up with a father who suffered two heart attacks during my childhood, followed by triple bypass surgery and implantation of a pacemaker, I am well aware of the prevalence and dangers of heart disease. I am also a firm believer in preventative health care, and I try to demonstrate this in my own lifestyle with a daily yoga practice and a healthy diet. I also believe that preventative care is made possible through education, and I support Stitch Red for its commitment to that."

What was your inspiration behind your Stitch Red product? 
"As an avid knitter and ceramicist, I enjoy combining clay and fiber arts in different ways. One way is through the creation of handmade ceramic buttons, which can be functional findings for knitwear, as well as aesthetic, decorative accessories. When I learned of the Stitch Red Campaign, I decided to design a line of heart-shaped red buttons embossed with a feminine floral design. The buttons are also available in a simple round shape, with the same color scheme and design."

What's your heart healthy tip? 
"I believe it is most important to reduce stress in one's life as much as possible. I have learned through both personal experience and through my training as a neuroscientist that stress reduction is accomplished through positive emotions, and so I believe that everyone should do one thing a day for themselves. Life should be enjoyable - and so often we get caught up in routines and deadlines and neglect taking care of our own interests and happiness. Giving to one's self is important - it allows us to better give to others and makes us healthier individuals - both physically and emotionally."

What gets your heart racing?  
"I am most thrilled when I  am learning new skills or having novel experiences. I love to travel and to see how others implement crafts in their daily lives. I also love working with children - particularly in creative settings. Kids are so free and uninhibited - they come up with the most exciting ideas. And I adore the pride that children take in work they have made themselves. They are the best teachers."

Thank you Linda, for your generous (and beautiful) contributions to the campaign and for your insight. We're proud to have you on board.

If you would like more information on Linda, please visit her custom-design website here, or her Etsy page, here.

For those of you who live in and around Reno, don't forget to stop by Jimmy Beans Wool at 6:00 tonight for our monthly Stitch Red Knit Night, where University of Nevada, Reno Graduate Research Assistant, Heidi Lengdorfer will discuss her most recent research on local trends involving heart disease, and the most effective ways women can reduce their risk. Bring your knitting, a friend, and any questions you might have. This event is free and open to the public. We look forward to seeing you there!

-The Stitch Red Team


  1. This is a great interview!! I love how you manage stress...thanks!

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