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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Classic Elite Yarns with Heart Healthy Hats and Love of Dance

Betsy from Classic Elite Yarns signed up with the Stitch Red campaign early and her fabulous company has already come out with several lovely red yarns AND a free pattern (shown below) for our enjoyment. We recently asked her about her involvement in Stitch Red and how she gets her heart racing.

The Healthy Heart Hat
Why did you choose to get involved with the Stitch Red campaign? There is a long history of heart disease in my family, so along with a general bent towards doing the right thing, this cause is personal to me and my family. Many in my father’s generation succumbed to the disease at a very early age. My generation is doing much better, but we still watch for warning signs because of our genes.

What products have you created for the Stitch Red campaign? We are coming up with new things every day! Our designated yarns are Magnolia, a lustrous silk and wool blend, and Silky Alpaca Lace, our flagship laceweight silk blend. Look for kits featuring two of our most popular designs, the Lacy Scarf and the Empress Wrap in Silky Alpaca Lace and Magnolia respectively. 

We also have some free patterns coming up in our weekly Web-Letter; we kicked it off with a Valentine’s Day pattern from our very own Meg Myers, the Healthy Heart Hat in two colors of Magnolia. We have a few other projects lined up, but they’re top secret for now! You’ll have to sign up for the Web-Letter to find out. 

Betsy and her granddaughter
What gets your heart racing? I love to dance, but I’m married to someone who doesn’t share the passion. But now I have a 6-year old granddaughter who loves to dance – and she has become my dancin’ partner! We turn up the funky music (her favorite) and just do whatever we feel like. It’s a blast! Everyone should try dancing with a 6-year old – it’s a very exhilarating experience!! (She danced with enthusiasm as a 4- and 5-year old too; I’m hoping the dancing bug will last well into her adulthood.)

Thanks, Betsy! 

If you love Classic Elite Yarns, stay tuned for their NEW addition to the Stitch Red campaign, Alpaca Sox in a deep, rich red. We will be featuring this new product very soon!

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