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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Stitch Red Means to della Q

Heart disease? 

I am an active person who eats fairly healthy. I shouldn't have to worry about heart disease. After starting to work on the Stitch Red campaign, I suddenly remembered that my grandmother had some sort of heart issue. What was it? I called my mother to learn more. Yes, she died of congestive heart failure. Do I need to worry? Maybe - if I stop exercising or eating less healthy. I need to remember this when I am thinking of skipping one too many yoga classes or eating too many dinners comprised of nachos. We all have times of less attention to physical fitness or a healthy diet. The key is to get back on track. Thank you Stitch Red for encouraging me to have a conversation with my family and physician.

Developing a Stitch Red product was a no brainer for della Q. Our popular cotton drawstring bags were shouting out to be a part of Stitch Red. Do you have your knitting in a Ziploc® bag? Why? You have a beautiful project in the works. Does it not deserve to be stored in something fun and beautiful? Our popular cotton print drawstrings and Edict drawstrings with cheeky knitting sayings allow you to store and manage your projects in a beautiful bag. Get rid of your plastic bag, store your current project in a della Q Stitch Red bag and fight heart disease.

My heart healthy tip? 

Get outside! Too many of us leave our house through the garage, park in a parking garage and fail to breathe fresh air during the day. Too cold or too rainy? There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. Get a rain-proof jacket, a hat and a pair of boots. Walk to lunch, walk to the grocery or your friend's house. Get a dog that requires you to walk. Lucky keeps me walking every day!

What gets my heart racing?

My heart loves the outdoors.
My heart loves the color red. Really!
My heart loves red wine. It's good for your heart, right?
My heart loves nachos. Oh wait, I do love them, but my heart doesn't!

- Della Quimby

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